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Youtube Luncurkan Aplikasi Baru Khusus Untuk Anak – Anak

Karena semakin meningkatnya akses youtube yang berkenaan dengan anak – anak, wajar atau sudah seharusnya Google sebagai pemilik Youtube mengembangkan aplikasi khusus untuk anak – anak. Karena sebagaimana kita tahu video yang ada di youtube tidak hanya video anak – anak. Dan ini merupakan sesuatu yang mengkhawatirkan para orang tua, termasuk penulis sendiri. Meskipun di […]

Project Zero, Google, Kelemahan OS X, Hacking

Project Zero Ungkap Kelemahan OS X Yosmite

Masih ingat kemarahan Microsoft saat tim Project Zero mengungkap kelemahan Windown 8.1. Secara gamblang tim Project Zero milik google mempublikasikan kelemahan Sistem Operasi komputer milik Microsoft tersebut. Dimana seorang hacker dapat dengan mudah melakukan hacking atau meretas dan menyisipkan malware ke dalam komputer target. Nah kali rupanya Apple juga mendapatkan hal yang sama dengan apa […]

Relaxing for a Moment with the Mini Game from Google Chrome

After working a long time with your favorite browser google chrome, of course you want to feel the entertainment by playing games for example. Lucky you use google chrome, because you do not have to bother looking for a way to get your favorite game. Since all are available waiting for you to download. Here […]

The Next Google Nexus Phone LG Optimus G Nexus

The smartphone industry competition is increasingly tight. Each manufacturers competing to develop their products to meet the needs of the community. And one of my favorites smartphone is Google Nexus. After two series made by Samsung, now a shocking news spread if the G Nexus will be made by LG. This device also rumored to […]

Google Search for the next Google Doodler

You’ll often see the famous search Google logo changes every time. Various logo concepts are often displayed. Among humor, love of the All Things historical, imaginative artistry and etc. And Did yo know? Google has had several logos since its renaming from BackRub. The current official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar, and is […]

How to Find the Fastest DNS

Want to get the fastest access through the selection of the appropriate DNS server? This can be achieved through the use namebench. Often, users conclude that the Internet connection that uses the best never mind. No wonder if the slow access to a site then the site was to blame. Though the condition can be […]