SNAPDRAGON the trend of Smartphone processors

Snapdragon processor made by Qualcomm is the type most widely used branded smartphones such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia. The ability of the processor is claimed to be much better than other processors and to date, the official website claims that Qualcomm Snapdragon single core processor 1.4 owned by nokia lumia 900 has a performance that is not less when compared with dualcore processor on other devices. Continue reading “SNAPDRAGON the trend of Smartphone processors”

Exynos on the trend of Smartphone processor

This processor is developed by Samsung electronics are built on the basis of system on a chip for mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets. Exynos which was first released was 3110 or previously known as hummingbird or S5PC110. After the Exynos 3110, Samsung launched its Exynos 4212 processor, it uses CPU ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor with a clock of 1.2 GHz to 1.5 GHz and comes with a GPU ARM Mali-400 MP4. Continue reading “Exynos on the trend of Smartphone processor”