We Back!

How long? Why this Happen? When? Who? this not about that… but it about my heart :D

You know that, almost 2 week my Nurtria.net was DOWN! :( and I try to access to servermerdeka.com forum, they down to :(( So my last hope just wait from the servermerdeka admin recover they MySQL data quickly and perfectly.

So I am really happy. I am back and ready to serve myself and all of you again ;)

6 thoughts on “We Back!

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  2. simply

    cukup sering ngepost di SM , jawab pertanyaan user lain dan blognya sering di updt

    terus … ntar tanggal 17 an dapat tambahan deh :D

  3. cuma 24 jam kok bukan 2 week!

    wong aye pakai hari jumat down di databank kemudian hari sabtunya dan ok – ok saja :D

    tapi entahlah kalau punya situ , wong aye pakai SM60 ( Sm 60 MB ) sedang ente paling pakai SMFree kan? 20 Mb :P

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