Yahoo Messenger for the Web

Yahoo Inc. is one of my favorites, why? because Yahoo Inc. have a lot of service that really useful in my internet life, such Yahoo Photos, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Bookmarks, and of course Yahoo Messengerw. With Yahoo Messenger we can talk, chat with our friends, find new friends etc.

There are a lot of Instan Messaging service beside Yahoo Messenger. MSN Messenger(Live Messenger), AOL Messenger, ICQ, Skype, GTalk, Jabber, etc and etc. Because I was use Yahoo Messenger service since 2002 so Yahoo Messenger became my primary IM Service. Yahoo Messenger support Live Messenger too, so you can chat between Yahoo Messenger and Live Messenger with easy.

In 2007 Yahoo launch their new service again. Yahoo Messenger for the Web, useful, no need to install and just login and go! Yahoo Messenger for the Web build in Flash, not like other service that build on Ajax on other related, I don’t know why Yahoo Inc use Flash.

Here some screen shoot of Yahoo Messenger for the Web.

Yahoo Messenger for the Web Screen Shoot 1

Yahoo Messenger for the Web Screen Shoot 2

3 thoughts on “Yahoo Messenger for the Web

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    Mei 10, 2007 at 6:31pm

    #jauhari : I don’t know why Yahoo Inc use Flash.

    karena protokol YMSG propietary … ga kaya gtalk yang pake abber protocol

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      Mei 11, 2007 at 5:19pm

      Why on, we can use our Yahoo Messenger with easy? and like we know. Meebo doesn’t use Flash?

      So what’s wrong? why Yahoo Messenger for the Web use Flash?

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