4G Technology has come

lte teknologiSeveral countries in Europe will become the first country to enjoy the 4G network or better known as the Long Term Evolution (LTE). The State, including the Swedish and Norwegian. The success of this new generation tries, not despite the success of the operator Telia Sonera will deliver 4G networks such capability in early 2010. but because the phones that support this technology not present, then the speed of LTE will be enjoyed through a modem. Generation of LTE-based 4G has a data rate up to 100 MB per second, which is ten times faster than existing 3G networks today. The technology is designed to cover the existing 3G networks, and most operators strongly committed to continue developing these technology capabilities that will be enjoyed by everyone who is still using the 3G-based technologies. With this speed increase, Telia Sonera said that the speed of the network technologies that affect the application content, and some use of operating systems, and other features exist, such as gaming, video, mobile movies, and some existing multimedia applications. To support this technology is needed more adequate infrastructure and sophisticated, so will the use of 4G network technologies can be used. Where this is of course a positive impact on its own for information technology, particularly strongly associated with high-speed networks.


  1. Ramakanta Swainsays:

    Please tell me……..
    which countries are using 4G mobile technology now adays?????????

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