5 Simple Ways to Improve Android Performance

Has Android device indeed is quite fun. Because as we all know that this device has a high flexibility in terms of modifications. Quite often we hear the term root meaning legalized access to the operating system to make it easier to be modified with a variety of custom ROMs that rated better and faster. Yeah that’s one thing that can optimize the performance of your Android operating system. In addition there are many other easy ways to optimize the performance and functions of Android as one of the leading operating systems today. Here are simple tips that will improve the performance of Android as an operating system known to have many functions.

Download Application
One of the features of Android is its openness to a variety of applications available via the Android Market of course. Be deemed null and useless if you do not have an Android phone of important applications such as Office. You do not need to spend a lot of money, not even a cent dollars came out of your pocket because Android is known to provide many free apps. For example, if you want to feel the sensation of the Office application that can be downloaded for free in the Android Market, try searching with keywords King Office.

Doing Update
The next thing is still associated with the application. Some of the applications that you have downloaded will periodically provide a notification to update. Yes, notification update of this course you should follow some reforms such as eliminating some of the bugs that are still present in the previous version. In addition to the renewal application, you also have to occasionally check if the software for Android you already have the latest updates? If yes, please do not hesitate to renew it.

Using Cloud Storage
Yes, cloud storage as a well-known lately. By using cloud storage you do not have to worry about run out of capacity in your Android phone. In addition, the usefulness of such a Dropbox cloud storage, SkyDrive or Google Drive will allow you to synchronize files from your PC or other devices into a single folder in the cloud more accessible directly via the Android. You can access it anytime anywhere as long as you have installed the Android app cloud storage, and thus has access to the internet to access it.

Using Internet Package
This third tip could be as one of the tips to be more wise use of Android. Using Internet packages usually have lower rates than you have to sacrifice your pulse eroded dollars per dollars as the Internet continues to run. Moreover, some operators in the country today as sell internet package rates at a price much cheaper than before. Internet usage on Android phones is very important, just look at the previous 3 tips that require you to use the internet facilities.

Deadly Mobile In Periodic
Last tips given by this to improve the performance of Android is certainly very simple. By turning off your phone and remove the battery on a regular basis for example, 2 times a day will ease the burden of RAM on your phone. These simple tips can also be done using the task manager to shut down the application processes that are still active in the background.

Yeah like that’s five tips you can do to improve the performance of Android in terms of performance and functionality for the better. Because if you treat the green robot more wisely then he would be a very big benefit in the future will facilitate our work.


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