A Guide on How to Build A Cheap Gaming PC

Introduction; Everybody knows just how quickly a Gaming PC can go out-of-date and it is not always possible to upgrade the existing system you have, with the greatest and latest. Fortunately for all gamers there is great news in regards to building a gaming PC for quite cheap and it will not cost you much more than $500. You can always install better hardware as you have more money, but the parts mentioned in this article will work together well.

Gaming PC Tournament
Gaming PC Tournament


Your Parts needed

The processor is important as it will determine the kind of motherboard to choose and you can choose either an AMD or Intel processor for a gaming PC. Usually Intel chips are used for gaming, but in recent years, AMD made great headway with their gaming performance. The dual-core processor, Athlon 64 by 2 6000+ from AMD, has very similar performance and a lot less expensive. It comes with a heat sink with a thin layer of cheap thermal compound, which is better to remove and replaced with a better thermal compound such as Arctic Silver.

One of your most important parts is the motherboard and look for the following features: It should have ATX and not MicroATX as it determines the size of the case and the motherboard. The socket size of the motherboard should be the same as the processors. The memory should support a dual channel memory and you should use DDR21066/800. Ensure the motherboard has no less than one PCI-Express 2.0 slot so that a very fast graphics card can be used.

Do not spend a lot of money on power, but to make sure you have enough, go for Antec Trio TP3-550, although it is not quite the cheapest, it will not have power surge issues. The video card must not be skimped on and you can get a PNY GeForce 9600 GT 512MB for $104.99. If you go for a 2GB memory, you can always save up and buy more memory. There are great brands out there, but Corsair and Crucial are good brands to choose.

Your hard drive must be the largest capacity drive you can afford and find and Seagate and Western Digital are good choices here. A Western Digital Caviar SE 320GB price at $59.99, but online you will find it even cheaper and is chosen for this gaming PC. A CD/DVD burner are inexpensive and you can go with any model under $30 as it is what is calculated here to stay around $500.00 for your complete PC.

If the sound from the motherboard is not enough, you can add a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme sound card. The computer case is up to you, but do not go for cases that are too cheap as some of them easily transmit static electricity. The case chosen here is the RAIDMAX Tornado ATX-238WY, which will provide you with everything you need.

Conclusion; If you follow these guidelines, you will find the PC built for just over $500.00, but online browsing for parts will ensure that you get a great quality PC for even less. If you need any additional hardware or driver download for your PC, there are great online sites to obtain it from.

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