Acer Release new smartwatch, Acer Liquid Leap

Rumors regarding the Acer plans that want to go into business, wearable devices has now become a reality. The Taiwanese company also has been introduced his first wearable device shaped smart watch called Acer Liquid Leap.

smartwatch from acer

The launch of this smartwatch they do in an event held in New York City. Along with this smartwatch, they also announced a new smartphone with the name Liquid Jade that would seem to be the companion of the smart watches.

Unfortunately, the Acer did not provide more details on the specifications and features of both this new product. Just note that this Leap smartwatch Liquid has 17 millimeters wide and will be launched in bundling with Liquid Jade in July. In addition, Acer only provides smart watches to some particular market. Do not also ask about the price of this one devices. Because the Acer was also still reluctant to disclose it to the public. But they just said that the smartwatch will be sold at competitive prices.

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