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Find interesting articles on the web, but do not have time to read it at that time? You you keep them, but maybe you forget what you read. For that reason, all accompanied with browser bookmarks feature. I need to read this ( is an online service that can add to the list of all the articles you will read an article or to read your list. In this way, you can read the article at leisure or on the go. Another interesting feature, you can activate the feed so your friends can know what article you’re reading.

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To add articles to your reading list, here’s how:

  1. Open the web service ‘I need to read this’. If you have not signed up to the service, click start using it immediately. If you’ve ever signed up to the service, click the sign in button.
  2. Simply drag-n-drop the bookmarklet button I need to read this to the bookmarks menu.
  3. To add an article to the Cell to read this.
  4. Click the link to view my to read list to display the list of articles you are going to read.
  5. On your page to read the list, you will find some options and buttons, which show old article too, mark as read, delete, and add an article button. Click the + button to add an article to add articles you want to read to your to read list.
  6. To split your article to a friend or colleague, enable public feeds from the settings menu, then check on the make articles saved to my read list available as a public feed. Click the update button on the public feed to share what you read with others.

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