Additional features on Google

search engineGoogle search engine will add the latest features in their services. Additional features will create a search engine has become more ‘smart’. For the latest feature set on this search engine can try to guess what will users ask and answer before a user to click on the button ‘search’.

‘”Universal Search” is the name of Google for an expanded version, so that search engines can provide advice to users, before they do click on the search button. For example so if you write “30 + 24,” in the search engine, and before you press the button ‘search’ one of the results of which will appear on the sub tab search engine is “30 + 24 = 54”.

Because the intelligence of these Google search engine, for example if the user types a flight number, it will automatically lead flight tracker information. Even to find the conversion rate? Just type “USD in pounds.” All this happened right on the Google home page. Additional features on this application makes it the number one search engine more powerful, previously Google has to maximize support for the HTML version, and is now available in mobile versions of search for almost all platforms like the iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm, and Android.

This service must be hope for them to increase the number of users. Especially this time of their rivals like Bing had begun to some advantages that they possess. According to data comScroe, Bing began to increase Market share compared to Google which declined slightly. Over the next few months, Bing risen to 11.7 percent from the previous month that only 11.5 percent. This is a continuing improvement over the last 10 months since its launch.

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