AIM iChat Officially Terminated on June 30th 2014

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The news came less fun specifically for users of OS X Lion version 10.7.1 down, as per June 30, 2014 Apple will discontinue support for iChat AIM login. As reported by ZDNet recently from Apple’s official support page.

ichat for apple apps

The latest changes will affect users who use Alama and to get into the old system in iChat. While users are still compatible especially OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion can upgrade to OS X Mavericks pulled free without a fee. But for users who are still operating in OS X Leopard will be charged for the upgrade to Snow Leopard and then can upgrade to OS X Mavericks freely.

iChat is the default messaging app since the release of Mac OS X 10.8 premiered in Mountain Lion. Cessation support for iChat is presumably an attempt to continue to push Apple OS X Mavericks adoption rate. So far Apple’s latest operating system holds a share of 51 % of all existing Mac devices, while the older version is only 19 %.

No wonder then if Apple decides so, for my friend who still want to enjoy iChat please do upgrade to a newer operating system. Besides of course OS X Mavericks relatively safer.

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