Ainol Novo 7 Crystal

ainol novo 7Ainol novo 7 this time had insignificant appendage crystal. Judging from the size, crystal and the flame is no different, which is equally as 7. Striking differences in body shape, design, and the android operating system contained Ainol novo7. Ainol novo7 have brakes metal material on the back, it is not the case with Ainol novo7 crystall. In a single tablet is more visible as a plastics material with matte accents.

Choice of white that wraps around the back and sides make this device looks elegant, it’s just that you seem to have to be careful when putting or holding Ainol novo7 especially if you’re dirty hands or table, for easy to see on the surface is shiny white.

If from the front, you will not see any buttons around the screen it’s capacitive. Covert camera at the top of the screen. Just a 2MP camera resolution is out in front; behind you could only find the earpiece. The volume buttons, power and home located at the top, while on the left there is a mini-HDMI port, USB slot microSD, 3.5 mm audio jack, microphone hole and the whole adapter. The navigation keys are handled directly by the android operating system virtually. Talk android, Ainol has adopted novo7 crystal jelly bean android version you know. It also became one of the advantages of this device.

System jelly bean is running on the processor logic AML8726 AM-M6 which has two cores and a speed of 1.5 GHz and 1GB of main memory. Let more beautiful when displaying graphics, dual core is also juxtaposed with earlier processors. What about performance? The good news, four standard test applications commonly used devoured completely without constraint by Ainol novo7 crystal. Quadrant score 3383 in figures different standards show that the version is slightly below Ainol novo7 flame that also uses the same processor.

Likewise with LINPACK android application results, both single and multi-thread and multi-thread, crystal figure is still below the flame. Facilities available data connection to wifi and Bluetooth, you can add a USB dongle on the go if you want to connect to the network ainol 3 G. Finally, if the device is used for just browsing or multimedia such as playing music, it seems Ainol novo7 crystal suitable for you, let alone has a tight budget.

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