Apple Patented “Smart Cover” for the iPad

To accompany the homemade iPad tablet device, Apple provides accessories named Smart Cover. This Supplementary just a screen cover attached with magnets. Later came the news that the gadget manufacturer is preparing new accessories in the form of “smart cover” that not only protects the screen, but is also able to display things like incoming e-mail notification on its surface.

best apple smart cover

This is apparent in Apple patent document reported by the Daily Mail from Apple Insider, as seen in the picture above. Notifications displayed visually on the surface of the cover with integrated LED lights. The power source is taken instead of the iPad, but the battery is also embedded in a smart cover accessories, so do not waste battery tablet.

The central part of the cover is made transparent to display notifications. Place this notification displays can be made to vary depending on the species. E-mail is important, for example, can be marked with “icon” letter (formed by a row of LED lights) which appears on the upper side of the cover. Meanwhile, incoming SMS notification will appear at the bottom.

Volume control buttons on the iPad can be used for scrolling the notification that appears on the cover. In this way, smart cover accessories are expected to be useful for iPad users who always carrying the gadget in hand.

It is not known whether the accessories in this patent will actually materialize in the form of the finished product or not. There are allegations that the smart cover would appear to accompany the launch of the new iPad in September.


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