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  • How to choose a video Conversion application?

    If you have a hobby related to multimedia, must have been many and often try several applications specifically used for this purpose. Multimedia applications are most widely used are usually associated with conversion and file transfer, whether it be movies, music, video, or slide show. For the purposes of conversion, especially for film to video […]

  • How to Scan Documents and Email it by iPhone

    For those of you which is as office workers, must sometimes faced with a situation where you have to immediately send a copy of the document to the client’s. With the demands of the time, we should be able to utilize existing tools. Especially for those of you who have an iPhone, then you don’t […]

  • WHMCS, best Billing system for online business Applications

    For those of you who are currently running an online business, of course, required some application support for this purpose. The most widely recommended applications such as WHMCS. This application is actually more widely used to manage multiple transactions online, from ordering goods, payment processing, periodic financial statements, and other facilities needed to support the […]

  • Disable the data on iPhone

    Disable the data on iPhone

    There are some iPhone users are experiencing a reduction in the pulse when it is not running internet-based applications and did not even use the internet service on the iphone. Usually this is caused by the applications used on a system, not seen, especially when using the Internet, such as the Mail application. Notification feature […]

  • Dispose of the infected files use the WFP apps

    Dispose of the infected files use the WFP apps

    Windows file protection (WFP) prevents programs to replace and delete important files on the application and operating system. WFP ensure the program does not overwrite a file that is harmful to the operating system. WFP is to protect the file system installed on Windows, but there are some malicious programs that can masquerade as one […]

  • Use Google play to download various applications and Android game

    Use Google play to download various applications and Android game

    The existence and the launch of Google play applications some time ago give a lot of convenience for mobile devices users, especially those based on Android. Through Google play services, you can download a wide range of Android applications, ranging from games, music, video, mobile application, and a variety of mobile services that support Android. […]

  • How to control another computer using Google chrome?

    How to control another computer using Google chrome?

    Remotely control the computer usually requires a special application. But now you can do it directly from Google Chrome extension use the Chrome Remote Desktop. Extension can take advantage of Google chrome browser as a remote control. The thing to remember is required internet connection is adequate and stable in order to run a Google […]

  • Instagram For Android v1.0.2 New Upadate

    Good news for android user, a few days ago Instagram application of Burbn, Inc officially released for android smartphone. Instagram has been long awaited by the android user. Because there is only the beginning of this Instagram on the iPhone IOS operating system. Instagram name comes from an understanding of the overall function of this […]

  • How to build a hotspot from a PC?

    How to build a hotspot from a PC?

    Ad hoc hotspot has a weakness, which is only able to connect one computer to another computer. And if you’re looking for a WiFi network with a Blackberry, the hotspot will not be legible. If you want to create a more sophisticated virtual WiFi, you can use a WiFi hotspot creator. WiFi hotspot creator is […]