Are now in the cell phone spying?

Spyware in the scatterplot in these devices start at call illegal spyware to spy attack , called the red October . Was named FinSpy spyware module , which was developed by British company , Gamma International. Spyware is used for red October specifically designed to steal data from feature phones and smartphones , such as Android , iPhone , Blackberry , and Nokia .

Spy vs spy

Red October is planned cyber attack thought to have occurred during the five years . The goal is a diplomatic body , administration , and research body of knowledge . This attack is addressed to the countries in Eastern Europe , the former Soviet Union , and countries in Central Asia . Although not close the possibility of other countries can be infected . They collect sensitive documents of the organization infiltrated . Including intelligence , credentials to access confidential computer system , and data from personal mobile devices and network devices belong .

Android also received serious threats from SMS Trojan , adware , and botnet . SMS Trojan steals money by sending SMS automatically . Adware exploit used to gain root acces phone , so he could gain complete access to the devices and the data stored on it . As a result , the data can be in the gondola with ease and can be traded or in any use . Botnets are now infecting mobile devices . Foncy is a mobile botnet can control your phone remotely , as well as PC botnets .

Denis Maslennikov , senior malware analyst , Kaspersky Lab , said , ” cyber criminals really serious work on mobile devices as mobile devices usually contain more personal data is first stored in the PC . In 2012, kaspersky taking money from mobile accounts and bank accounts , as well as spying on users . Trend of BYOD ( Bring Your Own Devices ) in the company was also threatening its security , because these personal devices are used to access corporate data . This is dangerous , because it’s not all devices secured from malware infections . Therefore , according to Dennis , every company needs to have a system of efficient management of mobile devices .

Moreover , as we know , the application becomes a source of malware . Worse , users actively seek applications from suspicious sources and do not take precautions when launching programs that are not in the know . ” This all makes it easy for cyber criminals to infect the device , ” the malicious apps have not just come from a third-party app stores , but also appear in the Google app store play . Kaspersky also noted the first appearance of the application with malicious behavior in apple official distribution platform .

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