Are you already using Bitcoin?

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Maybe you have frequently used online payment facilities that are circulating on the Internet, such as Google Wallet, alertpay, paypal, and some existing payment gateway. Well, from some of the facilities, recently appeared online payment facility is also different from the above features, namely bitcoin. However, for applications that are available on the system that they have apparently not popular enough if compared with some existing payment systems.

payment gateway using bitcoin

But according to some experts forecast an online business, it looks like this facility would later become one of the most recommended payment system because it is not limited to the existing exchange rate in a country. From some of the reviews that we get to those who have tried online payment facility provided by bitcoin, it seems still less convenient to use and there are a few obstacles, particularly the merchant network that is still relatively small.

There are some countries that have been using this facility for their online transactions, such as the United States. With an improved regulatory some the existing payment system, it is expected later in the bitcoin system there could be an option for online payment with a more refined ease.

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