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There are a lot of multimedia file types available and sometime you need to convert from one type to another. It can be a hard job if you have no all in one converter software. Blaze Media Pro offers a new product that is all in one audio and video converter.

Audio converter is a tool to convert any type of audio files into other type. Let say you have your favorite songs in an audio CD and willing to play them in your MP3 player. You need to convert from audio CD to MP3 format. The all in one converter software from Blaze Media Pro allow you to convert CD, MP3, OGG, WMA, MIDI, WAV and also compress MP3 and WAV files.

Video converteris needed to convert any type of video files. The conversion is done to get a video format that suite with your need. For example maybe you want to convert flash movie into VCD or DVD so you can play it on your VCD or DVD player. The software from Blaze Media Pro can handle this kind of job.

But, sometimes you need to edit audio or video to adjust with your requirements, such as low noise audio, adding title on the video and many kind of editing. This software comes with a lot of feature for audio and video editing as well as a DVD ripper. One you complete your project, you can burn it to CD directly from the software.

Want to give it a try? Just download the trial version. If you are satisfied, do not doubt to purchase this software at


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