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I'm a blogger and content Writer. My work with PHP, Delphi, MySQL, MsSQL, and I really love games and gadget.
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WordPress 2.9.2 Released

I’ve just upgrade my personal blog into Wordpress 2.9.2 this morning. There are some critical issue update beside vulnerability bug fixed. I think it’s very useful when the website has many writer content like this blog for example. The critical issue is Wordpress fixing Trash facility that already launch in previous version Wordpress 2.9.

Track And Share Twitter Conversations

Twitter was a remarkable development, as well as the many sites popping up – there to support this application because it is shared platform for many orang. It is now difficult to track back and tracking the lines of communication became a problem when we connect with people. Recently launched TweeterClubs aims to create a real-time conversations around Tweets published to the web.