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A blogger and now managing a SOHO company selling educational toys. I also run web development and content writing business. Blog and internet marketing as well as SEO are what I am doing a lot.


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Useful Search Marketing Acronyms

While browsing in the internet I found 32 search marketing acronyms that might be useful for me and you....

Nov 30 · 19 sec read >

Marketleap Search Engine Marketing Tools

As an SEO/SEM professional, you might need tools to measure how effective are your ways on optimizing and marketing....

Nov 26 · 38 sec read >

Do you want to change your domain name?

In the world of SEO, changing a domain name maybe like a sin. You can loss visitors, page rank,...

Nov 22 · 37 sec read >

Create Quiz Easy Using Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes created by Half Baked Software is a must-have tool for teachers or trainers who want to create...

Nov 20 · 57 sec read >

How To: Run Multiple Domains On A Local Computer

During web development, sometime you (I always) need to test with a domain name, whether inside local computer or...

Nov 17 · 46 sec read >