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  • Audio and Video Converter From Blaze Media Pro

    There are a lot of multimedia file types available and sometime you need to convert from one type to another. It can be a hard job if you have no all in one converter software. Blaze Media Pro offers a new product that is all in one audio and video converter. Audio converter is a tool to convert any type of audio files into other type. Let say you have your favorite songs in an audio CD and willing to play them in your MP3 player. You need to convert from audio CD to MP3 format. The all in one converter software from Blaze Media Pro allow you to convert CD, MP3, OGG, WMA, MIDI, WAV and also compress MP3 and WAV files. Video converteris needed to convert any type of video files. The conversion is done to get a video format that suite with your need. For example maybe you want to convert flash movie into VCD or DVD so you can play it on your VCD or DVD player. The software from Blaze Media Pro can handle this kind of job.

  • Web Hosting by PickaWeb

    Blogging in a free blog hosting provider is an option for you who have no budget to buy your own domain and a hosting space. I had my blog runs in a free blog server and now it has Pagerank of 4. As you know that you can monetize your pageranked blog by selling links or for paid review.s I lost that opportunity because of the TOS (term of service) of the provider states that I can not monetize my blog if using their free service. If you have a vision about your blog as well as its future, you should consider about having your own domain name and hosting space. Domain name and hosting space are cheap now so you do not need a lot of money just to start your own blog. The next question is where to buy domain and hosting.

  • How To Choose Web Hosting?

    Choosing web hosting is not easy because there a lot of web hosting providers available on the net. The offer web many products and services with different price. A package in company A maybe the same as company B has, but in different price. One is cheaper. In order to find the right web hosting, here is the checklist:

    • Prices You should find web hosting which suite with your budget. If none available, try to increase your budget :D
    • Quality of service You should concern about quality. Your website must have no downtime. You can search users’ testimonials on the net. The quality also determined by the quality of network and the server hardware.
    • Customer Support Everyone wants to be special. You as a customer should be handled well by the company. If you have a problem with your account, then customer support is the one you should contact. Good customer supports a good point for a company.
    • Company reputation How long the company have runs the business also effect on their experience on handling services to customers. New companies maybe have a good reputation also or maybe you want to give them a chance.
    • Company location Actually there is no problem to choose a web hosting that far away from you. The problem occurs when you need to make a phone call conversation. Long distance phone call will cost you much.
    • What people are saying What people says about the company is another thing you should consider. Even there are true in fact or not, but it will help you to decide to order or not.

  • Los Angeles DUI Attorney

    Driving under influence of alcohol sometime can not be denied if you have a “great” party, therefore you should aware about it. Do not to drive if you drunk. If you need to go home, call a taxi or someone to take you home. Sometime you are not realize that you are drunk :D and […]

  • Choosing WordPress Theme that Fit on You

    A week ago, I had been looking for Free WordPress Themes that fit on my need. Of course if I have a bunch of money I can hire a WordPress theme designer like Jauhari :D . He released so many free WordPress themes and available for custom theme jobs. I spent hours to find WordPress theme that close to my need so I do not need to spend time to custom it. It was not easy to choose the best one. If you see many themes, you may not choose one of them because the next maybe better then the previous one. Here are some points to check to choose a WordPress Theme that is closer with your need.

  • Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

    I believe you never dream about being arrested for crime you do not do, but you do not know when you are unluckily facing it. If you get charges in LA for a crime, then you need Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles. They are composed of well experienced lawyers that specialize in all criminal and […]

  • WordPress.Com Down

    A few minutes ago I noticed that WordPress.Com went wrong when it showed a line of text said: Not site admin. In the forum some people also noticed the same problem. I asked some friends and they also had it. But don’t worry, it is online again. Is there any explanation on this? Hope there […]

  • Convert Printed Into Digital Documents

    Working with a lot of printed documents can be a horror. You may be got a headache just to find a piece of document. Bad document management causes inefficiency in time and money. You need time to find a piece of paper while your time is money for your company. It is possible to have a digital document in this digital era. The source of digital documents can be from digital software such as Office applications or digital devices like digital camera or scanner. Digital software and devices safe your everyday life because you do not need space in your room instead digitally documented in the hard drives or discs.

  • Free WordPress Theme: vita

    Jauhari is realize that all of you are so hungry for new WordPress Themes. I believe some of you are satisfied with Hamasaki, a magazine style theme, and you still need more themes. Okay, here is a new theme from Jauhari, vita Wordpress Theme with “v” in lowercase ;) vita is widget ready and has a fixed width, 3 columns layout with double right sidebars and support gravatar. You may also custom blog header to fit with your niche. On top of all, vita is the Jauhari’s first theme released under GPL. Go get vita theme and spread to the world.