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  • Intranet Blogging

    This month is the first time for the company I work for to ask every manager and key persons to write a weekly report, latest on Monday morning. Since there is only two people in my department, me and my friend, each of us just need to write in our own PC and then join […]

  • Choosing Web Hosting Provider Based On Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews sometime take major part in the successful of product sales. Reviews can be vary from the product it self or the sales person. It is also important in the web hosting business. Imagine if you buy a web space and one day after, it can not be used anymore. Or maybe you want […]

  • Search Engine Optimization by Fruition.Net

    Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business grows rapidly and many SEO company are available on the net. SEO is a process and a method to make your website ranked well on search engine for such keywords. The method can be vary depend on the website condition. To save your money, you can order search engine […]

  • FrontierLabel For Your Labels And Stickers

    Thinking about alternative way on promoting your blog, then you should try to use labels or stickers to promote your blog offline. FrontierLabel can provide high quality of custom labels or stickers for your need. FrontierLabel is a place for best digital printing for your labels and stickers. You can order your labels online and […]

  • Used Macs From DVWareHouse.Com

    Ever dreaming about having a new Mac but do not have enough money? Have you ever think about buying used Mac to save your money? DVWareHouse is the right place for you. They offer up to 50% to 75% discount of new & used Macs equipment prices. In their website, you can find used Macs […]

  • Wrong Usage Of Underline

    I ever wrote about the reason why link should be underlined. Just now I found a website that made me confused while reading their page. As shown on the screenshoot, if you see it on the first sight, you will be confused: which one is link, which one is not?. You may check it, but […]

  • Choosing Domain Name: For Branding Or SEO

    Last day I wrote about choosing domain name for your website and hopefully you can decide whether your domain name is for branding or SEO. How about if your brand is new and only a few people know about it? You can promote your brand by using your keyword rich domain name. Having keyword rich […]

  • Build A Six Figure Empire With Poker Affiliate Programs

    Internet marketers today are always searching a new way to get more income from the net. Having a six figure income can change life. Poker affiliate program is another resource to earn online income. Online poker has grown incredibly popular in the last couple of years. As an Internet Marketer you can take advantages from […]

  • Is .info Domain Good?

    Yesterday I purchased a web hosting+domain package and they gave me an extra .info domain for free. I have no problem at all because it is free for the first year. I have about 4 domain names and two of them are active, while the other two is still waiting for the contents. All are […]