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A blogger and now managing a SOHO company selling educational toys. I also run web development and content writing business. Blog and internet marketing as well as SEO are what I am doing a lot.


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What Is Your First Post On Your Blog?

I just want to know from you folks, what is your first post on your blog?. If you are...

Feb 13 · 18 sec read >

Leopard Trick: Zoom Using Two Fingers on MacBook/Pro

We can absolutely optimize the standard functions of trackpad as mouse replacement. Trackpad can be used for scrolling and...

Feb 12 · 18 sec read >

Yahoo Online Status Plugin For WordPress

My previous post said that I had setup a forum for WordPress using Simple Forum plugin by Andy Staines....

Feb 2 · 21 sec read >

Forum Plugin For WordPress

Last week I set up a community website based on WordPress. The main feature is of course a forum...

Feb 1 · 49 sec read > To Custom Your Website Design

A custom made web site can effectively promote your brand in the market and increase product sales. The functionality...

Jan 25 · 32 sec read >

Kamonesan: Gnome Theme With Indonesian Culture

Gnome users (Version: 2.20+) should check this theme. Kamonesan came from Sundanese word, means: “Uniqueness”. This theme wants to...

Jan 23 · 14 sec read >

Can Not Access Your Office’s VPN? You May Have Been Fired!

Did not meant to joke, but you should read the full story here. I think it’s gonna be a...

Jan 22 · 15 sec read >