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The Next Google Nexus Phone LG Optimus G Nexus

The smartphone industry competition is increasingly tight. Each manufacturers competing to develop their products to meet the needs of...

Okt 10 · 35 sec read >

How to Password Protect your Droid Dropbox

For you as the android users, would have been familiar with Dropbox application. Just for information Dropbox is a...

Jun 6 · 54 sec read >

Latest Tips : How to speed up your Blackberry

For the BlackBerry users, of course it’s very annoying when your gadget running very slow when running the application....

Apr 21 · 41 sec read >

How To Schedule Disk Defragmentation for your Windows 7 OS

Jauhari.net is always present a variety of interesting information. One of them is the category to optimize your PC....

Apr 21 · 40 sec read >

Google Search for the next Google Doodler

You’ll often see the famous search Google logo changes every time. Various logo concepts are often displayed. Among humor,...

Apr 15 · 44 sec read >

How to Change Windows 7 Start Menu Power Button to Restart Button

For users of Windows 7, of course you feel annoyed when you want to restart your computer. Because you...

Apr 15 · 35 sec read >

How to Make your Android Smartphone Speak Incoming CallerID Outloud

Sure is fun and easier for you when you receive a call, you can read the ID of your...

Apr 6 · 44 sec read >