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How to Automatically turn off the Notebook

If your notebook shutdown time long enough, would be very annoyed waiting for him. You can overcome this by...

Jan 19 · 37 sec read >

How to be Follower with just one click

You may be intrigued by some of the other tools provided by Twitter. One such tool is the Multi...

Jan 19 · 52 sec read >

Samsung Introduces Galaxy M Style M340S with Super AMOLED touch screen

Renowned manufacturer Samsung, re-introduce a mid-end Android smartphone that comes with the newest Super AMOLED touch screen that measures...

Jan 5 · 44 sec read >

How To Find Your Laptop if Lost or Stolen with Prey Apps

Laptop, netbook, desktop, or Android device is our favorite items. And ofcourse having that device lost or stolen can...

Jan 5 · 1 min read >

Some of The Best iPhone and iPad Apps That You Must Have

One side benefit that we can now use the iPhone or iPad certainly there at ease. And this easiness...

Jan 4 · 2 min read >

The Easy Way To Disable the Mac OS X Startup Sound

Here’s how to temporarily disable the sound or get rid permanently the OS X start up sound which annoying....

Jan 3 · 44 sec read >

Free iPad Games: Zen Pinball, The Games you should try

Speaking of games, of course there will be no end, because it always will be popping those games that...

Jan 3 · 1 min read >