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  • Google Glass is the Best mobile Device for high Mobility

    With the release of Google’s mobile device output, the Google Glass, the more enliven a wide variety of wearable gadgets with various advanced facilities. The shape of the device itself in the form of glasses that are not much different with glasses in general, but certainly for the features in it are also quite complete, […]

  • When the iPhone 6 will be Released?

    With the imminent launch of the iPhone 6, which until now is still a puzzle, it brought a lot of speculation, what about about the application that will be encountered on the smartphone. There are some people mention that the iPhone 6 will be given a new color for mobile technology, where we all know […]

  • Is the Internet can lead to Ignorance for its users?

    The development of Internet technology is very fast and without limits. This of course can provide a lot of impact, both positive and negative impacts. If we are not able to cope with these impacts, particularly negative impact, then this is a bad condition to the development of a person, especially children.

  • Various Games for Mobile application Device

    One of the facilities that must exist in a mobile device is a gaming application. You can select multiple variations of games that you can get, such as adventure games, educational games, racing, and some other types of games. However there are some differences between the games used for mobile device applications with several types […]

  • If the Personal Mobile Devices Used for Working

    Technology increasingly sophisticated mobile devices that trigger an increase in the number of users reached 7.1 billion. At the same time, employees are using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, for work is also growing. Reported by Softpedia, in a report released bluebox Security, more and more users depend on mobile devices to work. In fact […]

  • Will Facebook users has Decreased?

    If the observed recent years, it seems that there are some features on Facebook is not experiencing much change, even monotonous. If the condition is not addressed by the addition of various features and facilities, it is not impossible that Facebook users will decline. It is based on several surveys on social media during the […]

  • Damage often Occurs on smartphones

    Having a smartphone should always be careful not to be easily broken. كزينو Of some of the events that I often find, the average smartphone damaged usually on the screen and also the battery. But it is possible, some other part of the smartphone can also experience serious damage. To avoid this, it is necessary […]

  • The latest features that Should be updated on a Mobile device

    In order not to miss a few apps that every day is always changing, it is necessary to do some anticipation, one of which is always an update to the mobile device itself, such as hardware and software. With the updates are done regularly and routinely, so if there is a replacement application then you […]

  • Selecting multiple Mobile applications for Business

    With the increasing number of mobile devices that you can find at this time, would be very helpful in your work. Especially if the mobile device is equipped with several mobile applications, then this is really a breakthrough in overcoming the limitations of the application when you are outdoors. There are many mobile applications that […]