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  • 2020, Worldwide Robot Will Gather

    Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, wants to hold a robot Olympics in 2020, in conjunction with the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo. The event is expected to be the event to show the world the latest robotics technology. Japan itself is known as a pioneer in industrial robotics. No kidding, Abe also […]

  • How to choose a Free game safe?

    Freemium games or games that can be played for free is one industry that is currently popular. Even the type of game Free to Play (FTP) is thought to be the savior of the gaming industry because it provides another alternative for gamers. There are also gamers who love it and hate it. The first […]

  • Apple Patented “Smart Cover” for the iPad

    To accompany the homemade iPad tablet device, Apple provides accessories named Smart Cover. This Supplementary just a screen cover attached with magnets. Later came the news that the gadget manufacturer is preparing new accessories in the form of “smart cover” that not only protects the screen, but is also able to display things like incoming […]

  • Twitter users Still far behind Facebook

    Twitter social media users are still far short of the predicted 1 billion. Digital advertising consultancy firm eMarketer predicts that Twitter will have less than 400 million global users in 2018, mostly in Asia, America Latin, and the Middle East. The eMarketer study projecting the growth of Twitter users will experience saturation in developed markets […]

  • Smart watches from Apple will be released soon

    In some creative ideas continued to be the warm conversation. Various rumors about the product first used Apple’s gadgets keep popping up in the media. An updated information that appears says Apple is likely to make smart watch in several display options. Apple reportedly considering the use of a screen measuring 1.5 inches and 2.5 […]

  • Choosing a mobile application for Android smartphones

    For smartphone users, the presence of Android OS has become a necessity for several reasons. You may have many uses various mobile applications that can get either free or paid. But from so many mobile applications available, if everything is according to your requirements in selecting an application? Surely this should you think that the […]

  • What do you think About Google’s glass?

    Gadgets this one is still the most innovative products of some gadgets products on the market. Google glass is a gadget that is quite revolutionary because some functions can be performed in a mobile device, or better known as wearable gadgets. You can use this device to communicate, enjoy the music, look at a map, photograph, […]

  • Latest OS from Apple, OS X 10.10

    After waiting some time for the emergence of the latest apps from Apple, then at WWDC event some time ago, Apple has officially released the latest update for OS X. Some existing applications are equipped with features that are more interesting and certainly more complete. You can find a wide range of facilities that you […]