Veny is a female name, and of course am a female. Single and not married yet. I was born in August 1979 and luckily until now still stay at Bekasi. I was graduated as an econom bachelor from STEKPI Jakarta and now working in a flour company as a Finance spv.


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Download WordPress 2.9

If you have visited WordPress site’s dashboard in the past 24 hours you probably noticed that WordPress 2.9 is...

Jan 11 · 1 min read >

Projected Use of Legal Software in The Year 2011

The use of illegal software seems still rampant. Whether used for personal use or business, private business or government....

Jan 7 · 27 sec read >

Google Open Wave Code

Conference developer I/O Google introduced Google Wave, which is a crossbreed web platform e-mail with IM and share documents,...

Jan 7 · 35 sec read >

Launchpad Become an Open Source

Launchpad, a platform development a collaboration of popular software which made by Canonical on July 21st 2009 reported been...

Jan 6 · 55 sec read >

Do You Think that Blogging is Dying?

Blogging has been pretty mainstream for over five years now, In my personal opinion, I don’t think that blogging...

Jan 6 · 1 min read >

Download WordPress 2.9 to get 5 Great New Features

Now WordPress bloggers can download the latest release of WordPress 2.9 and power up their blogs with new features...

Jan 5 · 56 sec read >