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  • Hasil Liga Spanyol BBVA 12-14 Maret 2016

    Hasil Liga Spanyol BBVA 12-14 Maret 2016

    Semalam Hasil Liga Spanyol BBVA 12-14 Maret 2016 FC Barcelona sukses mencukur Getafe dengan skor setengah Lusin. Dalam pertandingan semalam FC Barcelona 6 sedangkan Getafe 0. Pertandingan terlihat sangat tidak berimbang, Barcelona vs Getafe ini semakin mengukuhkan posisi FC Barcelona sebagai penghuni puncak klasemen Liga Spanyol BBVA 2015-2016. The Most Recent Hitsklasmen liga spanyol 2016 […]

  • Download WordPress 2.9

    If you have visited WordPress site’s dashboard in the past 24 hours you probably noticed that WordPress 2.9 is now available to download. I know many people like to wait to upgrade to give them and plugin authors a chance to create updates, but the new changes in WordPress 2.9 seem to be playing nice […]

  • Projected Use of Legal Software in The Year 2011

    The use of illegal software seems still rampant. Whether used for personal use or business, private business or government. High price makes software that many users choose the software needed to borrow one another by the application, both in the real world and in cyberspace. It seems government agencies are now already looking for solutions […]

  • Google Open Wave Code

    Conference developer I/O Google introduced Google Wave, which is a crossbreed web platform e-mail with IM and share documents, and presents the main capabilities approaching a real-time interaction. Google plans to make open source code base client and server platforms based communication protocol XMPP standards. On Google’s official blog developer Wave, Google takes the first […]

  • Launchpad Become an Open Source

    Launchpad, a platform development a collaboration of popular software which made by Canonical on July 21st 2009 reported been open source by Canonical. 1st Launchpad launched couple years ago, and now become a house of thousand project development, besides use as a place to develop of Ubuntu operation system. Now anyone can join in the […]

  • Do You Think that Blogging is Dying?

    Blogging has been pretty mainstream for over five years now, In my personal opinion, I don’t think that blogging is dying at all. My belief is that too many people start a blog for the wrong reason, or misunderstand the work and commitment associated with blogging. I would say there are currently two primary reasons […]

  • Download WordPress 2.9 to get 5 Great New Features

    Now WordPress bloggers can download the latest release of WordPress 2.9 and power up their blogs with new features and admin tools. Some of the coolest new features are: 1. Thrash it — Deleting posts, pages and comments will no longer delete them forever, but place them in Trash instead. So if you accidentally delete a […]

  • Linux From Scratch 6.4

    An interesting question, “why we have to make so many difficult ways to make our own distro, while in Internet there are lots interesting distros which are anytime ready downloaded”. Yes, but not every those distros can satisfy our needs as an user who has different willing. لعبة كازينو Because of that, this application was […]

  • FlowPlayer 3.1.2

    Most video files are scattered in the Internet world created in the format .flv. Not all application can run this format. At browser, you have to install the add-on first so you can open it at browser. Now, find the application which is exactly what you hope and suit your needs. How about this one? […]