Veny is a female name, and of course am a female. Single and not married yet. I was born in August 1979 and luckily until now still stay at Bekasi. I was graduated as an econom bachelor from STEKPI Jakarta and now working in a flour company as a Finance spv.


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Linux From Scratch 6.4

An interesting question, “why we have to make so many difficult ways to make our own distro, while in...

Jan 5 · 25 sec read >

FlowPlayer 3.1.2

Most video files are scattered in the Internet world created in the format .flv. Not all application can run...

Okt 15 · 26 sec read >

FotoTagger 0.1.1

  Many people said that half metadata or information which is in a file cannot be change. They are...

Okt 13 · 27 sec read >

Calibre 0.6.4

This is not the era where to collect so many books as hard-copy then displayed on the shelves, and...

Okt 9 · 24 sec read >


When you are entering the Internet world and do some browsing, your movements can easily follow by other people....

Okt 7 · 26 sec read >

NetBeans IDE 6.7

One of the most important components which a programmer need is Integrated Development Environment (IDE). With IDE, a programmer...

Okt 5 · 43 sec read >

Download Opera Mini 5 Beta

Opera Mini 5 Beta now can be the best choice of web browser for smartphone or Java-based mobile. This...

Okt 2 · 1 min read >