AVG mobile, best antivirus for Android

All mobile devices are never free from the presence of the virus. Especially if you are less cautious in using applications that are downloaded via the internet. To anticipate the presence of viruses on mobile devices, especially those using the Android operating system, some of the “mobile antivirus” you can install on these devices. Some are quite famous mobile antivirus is AVG. I’m sure you already know this antivirus, especially for the desktop PC version. AVG antivirus has two versions, namely free and paid. You can choose one version that you think are good enough to overcome the virus.

avg mobile antivirus

Some of the features available on AVG mobile antivirus include scanning, detection, email protection, spyware protect mobile apps, and some other features similar to desktop versions. The use of AVG mobile antivirus is easy, that you only need to install, of course, by first downloading via the official website of AVG. Once the download is complete, the next process is the installation.

If the installation is complete, then you can simply use antivirus, but if the status has not been updated, the update must be done online. This is to ensure that the features of the AVG mobile antivirus can run with normal and stable, and can scan perfectly. Android has become one of the operating system that is easy to be infected with the virus, especially if the user’s mobile device is less attention to the safety factor in their mobile activities.




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