Avoid theft Your Data From counterfeit Mobile Phone Charger

Kaspersky Lab experts found there was plenty of charging points scattered throughout the region Brazil 2014 World Cup performances, using the charger AC and DC fake can secretly steal information from your smartphone.

mobile charger simple design

Reported interception can be done via a USB connection because the majority of the electrical socket using a USB connection. In some cases, the fake charger is also capable of installing malware that can trace locations, stealing notes, contacts, images, messages and recordings, as well as to store passwords and even your browser cookies.

The charging AC and DC is a dangerous place for visitors to major events and new attractions, said Dmitry Bestuzhev, Head of Global Research and Analysis Team for Kaspersky Lab in Latin America, through its official statement.

Dmitry said, the cyber criminals know that when people are away from home and need their smartphone to access the map, the road, and various other information, they tend to use any charger, though only for a few minutes.

But remember, Dmitry further, that you may be a victim of cyber criminals and the loss of sensitive personal data. Thus the team Kaspersky Lab recommends that users of smartphones who was in a public place must be aware of this.

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