Backup to another PC on the Network or Internet

automatic online backup methodIt is assumed you have 2 PCs that are connected in a network or over the Internet. Well this will be the second PC to PC backup first place. We call it the first PC and second PC as bramskill following the backup method:

  1. First install the crashplan application to your second PC , after the last login to the account you registered on the PC first. Log in to be the same PC that you find success on the PC first.
  2. If so, you will be taken to the main window of crashplan apps, allow some time to let the crashlan digging hard disk capacity you will be the backup.
  3. Now take a look at the destination, see if the name of the second PC has appeared in one of the destinations. In this example the computer named has been registered on the computer back-up purposes. Please click the start button to start the backup process of your data.
  4. PC can be used to backup more than one, to see the other PCs in the network destination, please click the computer name emblazoned on the destination.

Backup to External Hard Disk
Backup to external hard disk you can actually do it manually. But with the help of this application, automatic data backup can be done periodically or base on certain. Simply set up your external hard disk. And create a special folder for backing up PC data. Next follow these steps:

  1. Open crashplan, click the “folder” on the destination.
  2. Locate the folder from an external hard disk or another hard disk using the select button.
  3. If you have found crashplan ready for backup. Just click the start button to start the backup process.

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