Best Applications for Android Tablets

This time we will discuss about the Android applications that have been designed and optimized in such a way for the big screen in a tablet. Here’s a list of the best Android apps for tablets.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar we recommend as the first Android tablet for the efficient use of widescreen on a tablet. In the weekly agenda view you still get the thumbnail for a whole one month following sub other agenda.

android for tablets

Is the best Android apps for tablets to display images with sharp images. If you see it in the form of the portrait in every column you ‘ll see the weather information, while if you see it in landscape view so you can easily move from one section to another section.

IMDb Movies & TV
By using this Android application on your tablet then you can easily view the list a long list of good movies or the latest which will be screened in cinemas. You only move to scroll up and down to see the details one by one.

With this Android application you can hear articles or stories from your favorite Web, so you do not have to bother to read the article again. Display this application on the tablet screen allows you to select your favorite articles without having to switch pages.

With this Android application you can collect articles from the web and then do a re-format to incorporate the whole of the article, so the final look on your table display look like a magazine. Using a tablet you can change page either horizontally or vertically and the most important is to use a tablet you can put more stories and articles in one page.

This Android app lets you combine the words, pictures and sound into multimedia records. Through the appearance of the tablet makes it easy to move from one note to another note with easy way.

If you frequently travel abroad, the Android app this one is perfect for you. With expedia you looking for a hotel that is right in line with expectations and your budget. List of hotels will appear on the left of the screen while the map on the right. Very practical is not it?

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