Best GPS and Maps apps for Android

Speaking of navigation applications, android smartphone users must have immediately thought about Google Maps. Indeed, Google’s default application of the best known and most widely used as a GPS application on android phone. Even so, in the Play Store there are many applications of GPS and navigation, which unexpectedly may have better features than Google Maps.

best maps apps for android

In the first place we are backcountry Navigator. This application is best used for the type of hiker or users who have an interest adventure. Prices are set by the developer is expensive, but quite comparable to that obtained set of features.

The most interesting in this application, almost all of the features do not require a data connection. That’s why the most suitable for this application are certainly adventurers often do not get the network. BackCountry Navigator displays topographic map, from many countries, and there is a feature where the user can give certain signs in a region.

Each navigation application does have one’s own superiority. BackCountry Navigator for example when relying on its ability to work offline, then GPS Essentials emphasizes the complete data information for its users. On the dashboard, users can find a moving average speed, distance, ETA to destination, to the phases of the moon as well as a variety of other useful status. In addition there are features that HUD is able to show the way to a destination.

The next GPS app is a must-have GPS Navigation. This application is still in the stage of completion is still often seen in emerging bugs, and incomplete maps. But overall, the navigation application is arguably able to show the direction of the very precise compared to other applications. Each street and turn visible on the map so that the user can find a better direction. This application can be accessed quickly and lightly.


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