Best Hosting plan that suitable for your Blog

Do you have plans to build a blog? If this is so, there are several criteria that must be met when they want to build a blog. The most crucial step to start is whether you will use a free domain or self hosing. Both the hosting facility is very different and has several advantages.

best hosting plan capacity for your blog

If you later want to use the blog to monetize purposes, then it is advisable to choose a domain and self hosting facility . Self-hosting facility must be great when compared with free hosting. Usually there are a lot of choices offered by self-hosting, among other capacities, features hosting, email services is more complete, and a variety of hardware facilities in accordance with the chosen hosting capacities.

When building a blog with self domain, you can choose a hosting plan facility with basic features, which it aims to know in advance the extent to which a given service hosting, and of course the price offered. After a period of several months, and your blog traffic has shown a significant increase, then the choice is yours, want to upgrade the hosting facility or not.

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