Best Windows Phone apps

Qmemo Applications for Windows Phone
Qmemo will allow you to make a record that not only contain text, but you can also add images, voice messages in want into it. To facilitate the search when the number of records you more and more, these applications are in complete search feature.

Ringtones on Windows Phone Application
Making your favorite songs as ringtones are things that cannot be done simply on windows phone devices. To do this you have to connect the phone to the computer and use the Zune sync application to make the song as a ringtone on purpose. Luckily on this application that makes it simple and easy. You just keep track on intent on SkyDrive or dropbox service that is owned and then download it to your device. After that specify the part of the song that you want to use as a ringtone. Aside from the two services, you can also download songs from some media or SoundCloud. Unfortunately you cannot choose a collection of songs that are stored in the mobile library.

Jack of Tools on Windows Phone Application
This application juggles your phone into a few tools with different functions. You can enable the phone as altimeter to determine altitude, compass as a direction of the wind, or the speedometer to know the speed. You can also use WP 7 phones with the help of this application is to determine the level or slope of the land to determine the level of noise. This application also has an option that the phone is not being idle as long as you use the application; there is also the option to set the level of accuracy and responsiveness of the application.

Sticky Tiles on Windows Phone Application
As with Qmemo, sticky application files can be used to make a note on your phone mango WP. But not just that, records are made to be displayed as a tile on the Start menu or the home screen your WP phone. You can specify the font size and color of the image that will be used on tile made. Tiles that you create can also write on this different message on each side for a reciprocal presented.


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