BlackBerry vs Android Smartphone

Thanks to inspiration from a neighboring blog about Android vs Blackberry smartphone users and Iphone, with this I tried to share the experience on a smartphone, because if the iphone has not been able to buy.

best blackberry apps and android phones

A few months ago I had to write about my experience as well when using the Blackberry and then at the end I left because of many reasons that completely unsatisfactory over the features in it.

When I have no other Blackberry just want to follow the trend of the time and of course wanted communion fellow blackberry. There is no other reason than that. Because most phenomenal is the BlackBerry Messenger. And it’s true my guess is most often used only BlackBerry Messenger.

Blackberry is still fairly smartphones trend in the community, but not to Europe and other countries. For some reason people think of when buying a BlackBerry nothing but want to have the facility BBM ( BlackBerry Messenger ), although there are still many social network applications more sophisticated than the apps. Maybe it’s in the category of marketing strategies for bewitching the RIM users.


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