Blogger of The Month: John Chow

John Chow is one of the new Phenomenons Blogger in 2007 so I decide John Chow is my Blogger Of The Month (April 2007), His blog gives to the reader about making money online, Everyday he will give some tips, advice or other related information about blogging and how to make money online.

The other reason why John Chow become phenomenon is, their income has a very good track every month, always better from previous month. So when you need information about how to make money online, it’s time to go John Chow dot com. And if you need detail story who is John Chow? Read John Chow first post



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  2. Wahaahaha selamat ya pak :D
    cie john chow ni yee :P

    trafic kirimannya byk ga pak? ato da perubahan pringkat ato apa? gw pgn ikut sih review me dia tp content gw msh kurang mutu :P

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