Blogging To Increase Your Website Traffic

Maybe you are the one of many website owners that got less (instead of saying no) traffic from the Internet, whether it came from search engine or direct links. How to increase it then?

The answer is of course: Start Blogging.

Why you have to blog in your company website?

By having a blog (and updated content), you can join many social networking and start fishing for customers from the community. You can leave comments from others blogs and maybe you will receive traffic from them or their visitors. If you have good contents, then your contents are bait to get linked-back from other bloggers. You can also interact directly with your readers who comment on your blog post.

I am now doing research (maybe a long research) to find whether or not company website is live from blogging platform. I did this before by creating a theme for client’s website. A little bit hard in the administration panel, but the results are good. Using blog platform for the company website, you can manage the content for your company website and writing blog content from one single administration panel.

Blogging not only for fun, but if you have a great content, then it will be your best marketing tool.



  1. Yeah, you are so right. Blogging is one of the way to get traffic to your website. It is also a way to get connected to the outside world.

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  3. lots of corporates are now turning to blogging and why not… they already have a recognisable brand… and lots of them provide information on things totally off the cuff and not related to their actualy business… one of the issues that i believe corporates could have is people could treat their information with a bit of skepticism.. only a consideration

  4. yep you are right

    blogging is the best way to promote your site because it is free information.. you can get the google bot to visit your site after every post therefore increasing your ranking… plus it encourages people to interact.. it becomes a community thing

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  5. yup! i agree with u said. blogging is great chance to increase traffic,and nowdays almost of corporate website also have their own blog! another advantage of blogging (i think) is give friendly info for consumer because consumer can give a comment.. trims.

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