BREAKING! Kang Gary Announced His Wedding

BREAKING! Kang Gary Announced His Wedding – Ex-member of popular Korean variety show “Running Man,” Gary, gets married in secret. It is a huge surprise that Gary has announced that he gets married with a non-celebrity woman he loves. A lot of his fans from Korea and other countries were shocked by the sudden statement. Many of them even expected that the announcement was just a joke.

BREAKING! Kang Gary Announced His Wedding

Leessang’s Kang Gary announced his marriage via his Instagram account. Kang Hee Gun/Gary posted a picture showing a branch of a tree with the camera facing to the sky. The picture, then, was followed with a posting of a marriage announcement written by Gary. Here is the statement about his secret marriage:

Gary's Picture Of Marriage Announcement
Gary’s Picture Of His Marriage Announcement on IG

 “Today I got married to the person I love. We did not hold a wedding ceremony but rather decided to cherish this moment with just the two of us together. My wife is a non-celebrity and she is someone who captured my heart in an instant.

I know this might seem like sudden news and some may be shocked at the news, but I hope everyone can look towards the future and cheer us on. Please wish us happiness and joy. I will live on happy for eternity.”

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