Bulletproof Web Design

Bulletproof Web DesignLast Night I read my old book again. This book write by Dan Cederholm the book is Bulletproof Web Design. This book published by New Riders a division of Pearson Education. This book is really useful, this book covers almost everything about web design standard, the latest web design technology. Like what Dan Cederholm says on book slogan “Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS”.

This Book is not just for expert, but also for beginner who need to learn design website with standard. On This book contains nine chapters and every chapter have example and case scenarios. and there are:

  • Chapter One Flexible Text
  • Chapter Two Scalable Navigation
  • Chapter Three Expandable Rows
  • Chapter Four Creative Floating
  • Chapter Five Indestructible Boxes
  • Chapter Six No Images? No CSS? No Problem
  • Chapter Seven Convertible Tables
  • Chapter Eight Fluid Layout
  • Chapter Nine Putting All together

Every chapter brings new idea, that throw old design school with CSS enabled, such us make Flexible Text, Scalable navigation, Floating, Boxes, etc. Dan Cederholm give easy tutorial so we do both practice and keep on reading.

I really recommended for web designer to read this book. I give score for this book 8.5 scalable from 0 – 10. I hope I can sharing on that chapters soon in this blog.

So? Keep on Learning, Keep on Studying and Keep on Fighting make good work, good spirit good at all… Happy designing 🙂

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