Catfiz, Messenger applications for Android

catfiz for androidCatFiz Android Messenger, upon hearing this I confused whether this application? For those who are familiar with CatFiz must also confuse what this kind of application. Yes as the name suggests CatFiz is based chat applications such as chat upscale Blackberry Messenger application. This application runs on the Android handset, and worthy of pride CatFiz is the result of the work of the great Indonesia instead.

More details about Catfiz
CatFiz is a messenger application such as the messenger that runs the Android System. Its use as a Blackberry application for Android. So if you are using Blackberry Messenger you will definitely know and familiar use this Catfiz.

Messenger for Android applications, using a PIN activity (NIC) CatFiz Once you download it and run it you will get a PIN when now it is 10 digits. Pin and will become your id given to friends and this pin cannot be changed because of this field is kept fixed.

Now you are interested in using them please visit the official site. To download this application directly via the link here to download without visiting the site. Today more than 1,000,000 users’ joins premises catfiz pretty much positive response. At the website also provides a catfiz promote your PIN so sure many will add you as a friend.

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