Cause LCD screens monitor problems

The use of LCD screens did not continuously recommend. This is usually due to the durability of the screen is different when compared with CRT monitors. There are so many distractions and causes that can damage the screen. One of the obstacles often encountered in using LCD screens are usually the surface of the screen that has begun to fade, the display does not light up, crystal has been broken, and many more problems that occur. Some disorders are also caused by many things, such as lack of maintenance, overuse, and the unstable electric power is used.

damage lcd monitor

In addition, the resolution setting the maximum mode can also cause damage to the existing pixel element on the screen. Usually carried out excessive use of resolution when using multiple applications, such as 3D games, editing images, and animated features. The need for a high resolution for such activity does greatly affect the durability of the LCD monitor as a whole.

To avoid this you would need to follow some of the suggestions that have been there on the monitor manual book. Maximum use of an LCD monitor does not have a definite reference, where all we need is how we can make the most of maintenance on these devices, so the LCD monitor is not easily damaged, especially on the surface.

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