Causes damage Your smartphone

Mobile phone currently its same with the computer, the computer is now a substitute for the human task. Computers and humans both have a brain to process orders and store data information. Let alone a computer, the human mind if too much stress will lead to even be loss of memory not least, what about the phone?

broken your smartphone

Moreover, the mobile phone has processor and only very limited data storage. Software on the phone there is the operating system, the operating system perfect without a cell phone can cause fatal damage total dead even, with no operating system, as well as a complete human being of his body but his soul disturbed if, moreover there is no sense of life or thought, whether humans can live?

Causes damage on Android phone:
With the many causes and consequences of damage to your phone, move and repair procedures will be very different depending on the cause of the damage. Phone damage usually occurs due to:
1 . Software problematic
2 . Corrosion and dirt
3 . Collision
4 . Faulty components
5 . Path-breaking
And a few more things, but that often happens is that five of the above.

Due to the problematic software that cause of the damage:
1 . One phone settings
2 . Operating system is problematic
3 . Security code
4 . User area & Content Pack

The mobile phone comes with settings that can be changed, but if the settings are not in accordance with the rules should be, then the phone can not function properly. Mobile is also equipped with a security code which allows to secure the phone from the hands of ignorant, but are not rare even mobile phone users themselves forget the safety code. Whether it directly on the phone just leave? Of course not, do Reset to Factory default both and using a computer that has been in special programs for the purposes of mobile software.

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