Change theme, why would you do?

blog theme1Bored? Need to be different? Or may want to try a theme with SEO friendly features? Often we come across some blogs that frequently change the look of their blog theme. Some of the things that caused this so many kinds. However there are distinct reasons why a person changes their blog theme. In my opinion, this is a normal, almost carried by all bloggers, including me JJ

Some reasons for the replacement of the theme include the following:

Want to Monetize Blog.
Usually this is closely related to “Make Money Online.” For a blog that will enable as passive income, then we must adjust the content of these blogs with themes that we use. In this case there must be compatibility between the two. Some functions of the themes that you should use for this is usually aimed for the placement of some functions and features of these blogs, for example for placement of banners, ads compatibility, and also Monetize other functions.

Blog Topics
Replacement theme is usually also based on relationships between the topics with the blog theme you use. Usually visitor’s blog will be more interested in a blog that looks not too boring and harmony between the topics and themes that are used. Will be very important if it is combined with a “Meta Tag applicable” which aims to further improve the ranking on Search Engines.

Often the replacement theme can also be caused by the trend, if there is a theme that was just released, for example to some sort of Blogspot or WordPress platforms. There are lots of themes that are updated every day, you can download it via the Internet, whether that theme as well as a free or premium.


  1. Good post… But I think it’s important to remember that branding (and consistency in general) are very important to visitors as well, especially if you have a web store.

  2. i change my blog themes to be different from others, and trying to make it simple and clear, so reader can read comfortly in my site 🙂

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