Changing your Facebook Layout

Bored with the facebook layout without any variation, does not like myspace or friendster that we can Customize accordance with our wishes. Then you need to tried this one. We can changes and customize the Facebook layout by our self.

I made this article for you who like to Customize the look and to full fill if you’re searching from google with this keywords :

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In fact, there are many people seek on this articles. And after search some websites, blogs, and groups that contain tutorial how to change Facebook Layout, I found two different ways:

1. Changing the view of facebook layout using (for mozila firefox user)

  • download add-ons mozzilafacebook_heroes
  • click “add to firefox”, install and restart mozilla firefox.
  • Choose your display here and here.
  • Click on the button “Load into Stylish”.
  • Save and refresh your facebook page.

2. Changing the view of facebook layout using (for the user mozila firefox and internet explorer)

  • Visit Yontoo website.tampilan_facebook
  • Select “Start Installation”
  • install Add-ons and restart mozila
  • Install PageRage application on facebook
  • Select your display
  • Now you can See your Profile

No.1 only works on computers that have installed their own add-on stylish

No.2 only way to work on the computers that are installed add-on Yontoo and install the facebook application pagerege. And this will allows others to view our facebook if they do the same.

Till now, there are no way to change the view and to see all the facebook layouts.


  1. I never want to completely leave Facebook behind because it is such a great networking tool, and I use it to communicate with so many friends, so taking advantage of these settings will be a great thing for me to do. Facebook apps

  2. Pagerage is awesome. I have been using it religiously for the past year and it really adds a lot of character to my once bland facebook page. The download was really easy and I found if you experience any issues, the Pagerage team is VERY responsive and helpful.

  3. Where’s The Facebook Non Download Backgrounds At? Because I Click On The Ad By Google And When It Took Me To The Site I Didn’t See Anything On Facebook Non Download Backgrounds. So If Someone Could Help Me With That..That’ll Be Pretty Nice. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. That’s great! I remember when custom myspace pages could be created and we all know where MS went. Now facebook and be brought away from the boring blue border. Thanks for sharing!

  5. you still have to download something either way i dont want to do that i want a layout with out having to put add ons on the computer or download anything

  6. I think having to “download” any third party applications or programs just to be able to edit and put up a new custom layout for your facebook page is just bs! I will never trust any of these programs because i remember how it was with alot of those myspace layout pages.. your computer gets filled with malware and all sorts of crap, you might as well keep your facebook page as it is, from what i have read other ppl cant even see your custom layouts anyways even if you do set it up on your facebook, what a total and complete waste of time. I will not continue to come to these websites full of crap downloads!

  7. That’s great! I remember when custom myspace pages could be created and we all know where MS went. Now facebook and be brought away from the boring blue border. Thanks for sharing!.

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