Check the Speed of Hotspot around you

With the app, Android users can monitor and manage data usage on cellular and wi-fi. You can monitor the data, estimates and projections run, a tool to check the speed of wi-fi, analyze usage data graphically, and more. Wifi Protector can be installed on windows XP, windows vista and windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit. When you check the wi-fi with cisco datameter:

  1. Run the app cisco datameter. Tap the button to skip intro skip intro, then tap the button get started.
  2. After the run, the app will display the option to configure your mobile data usage, such as the data limit with the menu button on the homescreen, you can also specify parameters for your wi-fi connection.
  3. Data monitoring interface is divided into three different screens. By default, you are on the screen that displays the data in detail, precisely in the month to date. Slide the screen to the right or to the left. In the estimate, you can see the estimated data. In by the app, you can view data usage on each use apps.
  4. Tap the button to display the data at glance nearby wi-fi feature tests and test speed of wi-fi. With nearby wifi test, you can see a speed wifi hotspot available on google places. Hotspot locations will be displayed if you run a wifi router. Furthermore, you can see all the wifi hotspot on the map which accompanied marker. Tap the search to find the location nearest wifi.
  5. Tap the wifi speed test, and then tap the button to check the speed test run wifi. On the screen performing speed test, you will be able to see the testing: download, testing, uploading and testing. On display test wifi result, you can view information download, upload, web latency grade, and so on. Click the button when you’re done running the inspection done.

Find the Nearest Wifi Hotspot
Wifi is a free application that helps you find the best wifi hotspots worldwide. You will get an auto connection to a particular wifi network, support for mobile platforms, with a simple interface. The app also provides utility management and wifi hotspot map so that you will be able to quickly find a hotspot that you want. You can add to the databasr WeFi hotspot so that other WeFi users can easily find these hotspots.

  1. Run WeFi app. WeFi interface displays the available wireless networks, on the available wifi networks.
  2. You can switch from one mode of connection to another connection mode: approved Wesport, my favorite, and any wifi.
  3. Click the tab wifi maps, enter the address of the area you are going to check the availability of the connection wifinya to find wifi by location.
  4. Click the settings tab, click Save to save the settings you made.
  5. Uga You can use WeFi on mobile platforms by downloading the mobile app version.
  6. You can also automatically connect to wifi by pressing the ON auto-connect on the mobile home screen app android version.

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