Choosing a domain, which one is the best?

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If you want to create a blog and website, the first step to consider is to determine the domain name. From some of the existing domain name, of course has its own purpose. But from some domain names, which one do you want? Some domain names are frequently used is (.com, .info, .net, .me), and many more. Based on my experience, use of the (.com) domain is still the best alternative for this purpose. However this is not entirely absolute, because we have the freedom to determine the domain type is best for us. If you want to use multiple domain names are, of course, must determine the bandwidth capacity that we will use, so it does not happen in the future.

In accordance with its function, the (.com) domain name is more widely used for commercial purposes, but this you can customize with our desire to create a “brand” of products that we have. By constantly adapting to some of the characteristics of a blog or website, use of the (.com) domain name we can optimize its function, especially by utilizing some existing tools. But often we find it difficult to find good domain names, where most of the domain name is already used by others.

What do you think, if you also want to use (.com) domain to develop a brand that you have? Many factors affect a domain of an application, including if the domain will be combined with some existing features. By continuing to use the facilities are good, then the name of a domain becomes more valuable. Surely this should make you do at that domain, whether or not good enough.

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