Choosing Domain Name: For Branding Or SEO

Last day I wrote about choosing domain name for your website and hopefully you can decide whether your domain name is for branding or SEO. How about if your brand is new and only a few people know about it? You can promote your brand by using your keyword rich domain name.

Having keyword rich domain name is good for a start up company to look for future costumers available on the net. Instead of promoting your brand (which is not yet famous), you can start building your keyword rich domain for your products website and show your brand there. You get visitors from the search engine, meanwhile your brand will build its image it self.

The company (branding) website can be built at the same time, so you can link it from your products website. Your brand image will be known by people and at that time they can reach your company website by using search engine or just typing


  1. Also it will be efficiently if you will occupy all widespread domain zones. For example you are doing your brand-site on domain,
    at this time you can register such domains:,,,,,

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