Choosing the Operating System for Networking

The investment value of a server operating system is often a major consideration for a company to choose.  There are several free means like Linux, but the word the open source actually meant in the sense of  software that the user is entitled to open and modify the source code of the software. From price considerations, we can vote as follows :

free operating system

Linux operating systems have their advantages away from Windows. Linux prices ranging from free to under Microsoft Windows Server.

Costs of training
Because many people may already have experience of using Microsoft Windows, the possibilities here companies need to pay to train people or looking for a special person to administer a Linux server. However, it should be noted that currently administer a Linux operating system much easier than past administer a Windows server environment is much different than in the desktop environment.

Installation fee
Installation of a server is very different than the installation of a desktop system. There are many configurations that must be done, must consider also the automated tasks that need to be set, so if there is a cost in terms of patching.

Fee maintenance support
In Linux, if you intend to do your own maintenance can assume that it is free, you are only limited payroll admin. If not, then the cost can you switch to support each vendor.

Upgrade fee
Once again, this depends on your choice. In a Windows environment generally free to download the Service Pack, but upgrading to a newer Windows Server once again represents a significant investment. If you choose Ubuntu, everything is free.


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