Choosing Wireless and Cable LAN for your Network

Wireless LAN now is so famous and keep develop by large Network vendor and using also some consultant hired for their RF Design services. There are many kind of Wireless device to use for Local Area Network Connection and as long as I know it’s not that good as a cable LAN. Right now, Cable LAN already has 1Gbit and it’s fast. But when you need for outdoor, I don’t think I’m going to use Cables for my network, because it’s so bothering me and need a lot of time to prepared. This is one of the wireless ability that I like and maybe you like too.

RF Design now available for GSM Network. As all you now that 3G and HSDPA Technology using RF too. I know that this connection not like wireless or cable network about the speed, but when we talk about range and distances this technology is the best at this time. Wide range and high speed connection until 7.2Mbps can make us connected through the internet at anywhere and any places.

So, everything has his own capability for some reason, when we need high speed Local connection we use cables, at the medium range we have Wireless technology, and also if we need wider range we have 3G and HSDPA with GSM Network to full fill our needed. Everything depend on the condition and what we need, I hope now you have more knowledge about RF (Radio Frequency), Wireless, and cable Network technology.


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